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The Philipppine government’s decision to get another telco player in the country is one of best move ever. Further, the bidding which was made on the basis of not the highest bid price but rather on the lowest price and quality and speed of service is indeed most appropriate and solomonic.
The two telcos operating at the moment have already made huge sums of money over the last two (2) decades and they have not done anything remarkable except for the fact that the Philippines is now last in terms of internet speed in the region.
I am not be surprised that the bidding winner which is the Dennis Uy’s Group UDENNA in tandem with China Telecom is still being questioned and contested no end and just one look at the people behind the losers may even be the 2 telcos. They will make it so hard for the winner to even do the first base.

JACK MA gained Respect for Chinese Innovation
The most favorite lecturer/speaker in business nowadays is undeniably Jack Ma Yun, founder and executive chairman of e-commerce giant Alibaba Group Holdings. He has not only put importance and gain recognition for Chinese innovation and technological achievements but also made himself a name in the world of global business.
Ma said “he knows nothing about technology and he is even scared of it.” But he was the first product tester of his company saying that “if I could use it, then, 80% of people could use it”. He continued that “crazy people don’t think they are crazy. They think other people are crazy”.
While he was in the Innovation Summit in Israel three (3) weeks ago in front of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Jack Ma said most people innovate for success, but Israel innovates for survival.” You have no diamonds, but you have a large diamond industry. You have no car industry, but you are a leader in auto technology. You have no water, but you export vegetables to Europe.”
Jack Ma, has come a long way from his humble beginnings. He said the wealth he has is having met so many people in the world.
The Filipinos should innovate and not just “lie there and die there”.