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Last month, the paramount leader of China, Deng Xiaoping, died at the ripe old age of 92 years old. When asked for his secret of long before his demise, he replied, “Bathing in cold water.”
I advocated bathing in cold water in my chapter on “Hygiene”, but I must confess that I am not a good practitioner until I read Deng Xiaoping’s comments. I must state that, for the past one month, I have been enjoying cold baths every morning and evening. It is very refreshing. I am more alive. I will try to continue with this good habit until I die.
I have a few suggestions:
If the weather is cold, especially in winter (or when you are overseas), you should have a good soak in hot water before splashing with a cold shower.
If you feel cold, you should begin to spray the cold water on your legs first. Warmth will slowly come to your legs. Then, you can splash the cold water on your head and the other parts of your body. After a short while, you will not feel cold anymore. Your body will heat up and warm up your whole system. Can you imagine swimming in cold lakes during winters? In Japan, Russia and China, old folks still do that. They proclaim that, because of such exercises, they are hardly sick! Your tap water cannot be colder that the icy winter waters! You can surely bathe in cold water.
I often wonder why people staying in villages and farms have lovelier skins. It is definitely attributable to their bathing in cold water direct from wells. Whenever I am in the village areas, I would try to bathe the same way, I would accumulate water in a pail and pour the tinkling water over my head in one “splash”. It is almost impossible to describe the beautiful and exhilarating feeling. Even the air I breathe seems to inject more oxygen into my system.
Old folks in China told me in March 1997 that bathing in cold water helped prevent them from getting “colds”. I agree.
Cold cold water I love you—Cleaning and refreshing my mortal body. To be healthy, happy and trouble-free.

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