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Keynote address at World Chinese Economic Forum(WCEF)

WECF, excellencies, ladies and gentlemen.
Firstly I would like to say thank you to the Forum, Economic Forum of The Chinese. The Chinese not only occupied China which is a big nation. But you go anywhere in the world you will see the Chinese people.
They have contibuted much toward the development of many countries by becoming citizens of those countries. And certainly in Malaysian we have 30% of the population made up of people of Chinese origin who are citizens of this country. And there can be no doubt that much of development of Malaysia is due to original Chinese citizen of Malaysia. Malaysia fully appreciate Chinese contribution to development of Malaysian. Indeed we feel that without them much development of Malaysia would be lagging behind but they have come here and to live here become Malaysian citizen and to help in the development of this country. And I am quite sure wherever they go they will do the same.
Somehow they have the neck of creating wealth wherever they go. They are businessman and they know how to deal with money and business and as we all know.
It is the business people who create the wealth of a country.
Government is good at collecting that wealth. But we lost the business people creating that wealth the government can collect no wealth.
Yes there are countries of course which are gifted with a lot of natural resources among which is petroleum and these countries have developed quite well but in other fields they have not been able to develop.
But the Chinese contribution to the development of Malaysia is not confined only to business and the making of profits but also in many other fields.
And they are able to adjust themselves with changing world. Today business is not about
opening shops along streets which was what they did when they came to Malaysia. The street of Malaysia are lined by Chinese shops retailing goods of all kinds and providing services all kind but as we all know.
This situation changes over time and now today we see complete change in the way goods are marketed.
Where before we have streets line by Chinese shops now we have a lot of shopping complexes where the shop are gathered in a place that is nicely air condition and comfortable to be in and to do the shopping.
It is a change. And this change is brought about by the ability of the Chinese to make adjustment to different conditions just as they are are able to make adjustment to the countries where they leave they are also able to make adjustments to the development of the world.
Right now we are going into the Fourth General Industrial Revolution this is something that requires a complete change of attitude and a complete change in terms of our knowledge.
We are living in the knowledge age. And we still in this age we need to have as much knowledge as we can in order to be able to coupe with new ideas about how life is going to be about how business is to be carried out. We now talked of artificial intelligence, we talked about machines,thinking machines and I am told that today that the machines will be teaching as not us managing the machines. So the world has changed. The way business is done is change but as we change we see a change in the attitude and the way that people taking advantage of the new technologies and discoveries.
Malaysia will continue to benefit from Chinese Enterprise and ability to take advantage of the latest in the field of knowledge.
We are now entering the age of the knowledge where machine can now collect data. Enormous amounts of data and the machines can then analyze the data so that we can do things the better way. Indeed the machines can analyze the data to the point where we will know what the future, we will know what the people of the world want, choices their preferences and knowing these we can produce to cope with the new demand this is the New Age that we live in and I’m quite sure the Chinese diaspora.
Wherever they may be would have acquired knowledge and adjusted to this new age. We are fortunate in that by and large the Chinese are peaceful people who have contributed much to the development of the whole World wherever they may be.
They have contributed. so we in Malaysia very feel happy that we are multiracial country. A multiracial country is not easiest country to rule.
Is not easiest country to remain stable normally that would be conflict between the different races.
But in Malaysia the named races the Chinese, Malay and Indian have been able to work together in every field including in the political arena.
It is the cooperation between the three races together with 39 tribals that we have been able to turn around this country. Many people thought that nobody can overthrow a government that has been involved for 61 years ever since Independence. Nobody felt that these powerful government could be overthrown. But coalition of Malay, Chinese and Indians has enable us to do what is regarded as the undoable. We have on the 9th of May this year overthrown a kleptocratic government. Reinstall democracy.
Today Malaysia remain very stable and peaceful Nation.
Democracy has been restored and power has ceased to be a big as it was before today we live by rule of law we show sensitivity and respect for each race and each religion in this country.
So we welcome our guest from all over the world to Malaysia so that they can see not just Chinese contribution to development of this country but the ability of Chinese, Malaysian Indian and 39 different tribes to work together and and be at peace and develop the country. So with those words I would like to say thank you very much for this invitation and I now launch the World Economic Forum of Chinese Diaspora in this world. I thank you.