What could have been a joyful and festive celebration of Christmas (even many are muslims) and New Year, but was struck again in the eco-logical ring of fire in Indonesia.
As of now, close to 500 people died already in Sumur, Indonesia. They were eaten up by a tsunami which hit the island after the Anak Krakatoa erupted lastweek. This disaster was almost on the 14th year anniversary of the massive Asian tsunami after a 9.1 magnitude earthquake off Sumatra Island on December 26, 2004. More than 230,000 died mainly from Indonesia and the others from almost a dozen countries along the Indian Ocean.
Why it is always there? What are the causes of these Phenomenon? Scientists would say these are caused by ecological terrain of the area. The others would say the massive destruction of the environment and massive logging and mining activities, but the rest would say these can somewhat be summed up as due to greed and unrepentant destruction of the environment there.
Disaster preparedness is worth looking into Improvement is a must from detection and monitoring up to mitigation of damages. Also, long term solutions such as reforestation, stoppage of mining and structural reinforcement are a must too.
Therefore In the Spirit of Christmas, we could not help but commiserate with our Indonesian brothers and sisters in their moments of grief. We hope that soon, the silver lining over the clouds will appear for all of us.