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Just before the year ends, the best thing to do is to DECLUTTER- clean the mess of our house, office, cars and even ourselves with garbage, litters and anything we do not need anymore or have no use of.
Personally, I started with the drawers of my desk in the office and I just found out that many things were missing. Likewise, there are so many things which must be thrown away.
Furthermore, I organize things inside my cars and saw many things I was looking for as well as those which must be disposed already.
Well, my dressers in our room? There is no different- every nook and corner of our house needs to get rid of unnecessary items.

Yet, some items doesn’t need to be thrown out rather it can be sold or give to friends who are in need of these.
Also, take note of charitable institutions which are in need of these things for an economically disadvantage people.

This is a community or an association project wherein we donate our disposal items to be sold to those who need them and vice-versa where others offer their garbage for sale too.
You see, what is garbage to us maybe a great find for another and vice-versa too. And the proceeds of such project can go to a designated charity.

On a bigger scale, our government has a lot of clutter for disposal from useless paperworks to people.
Despite the automation of many government offices, there is
still a lot of paperworks to be filled up.The people are still insisting on filling-up forms because that is where corruption thrives.
Then we can start fresh for the New Year.