For decades, this is long overdue! What was done in Boracay was correct but appears to be an overkill that is why business there are complaining.
Manila Bay should be a flagship project of the government, For years, yours truly have advocated not only the clean-up but the complete salvaging of the Bay which mirrorize the Filipinos as humans capable of making their abode clean and habitable.
I live in front of Manila Bay and it is getting worst. The Manila Yacht Club where I am a member stinks because as the story was told, a Mayor of Manila long time ago who was an honorary of the Club, was not recognized by the guards and the waiters. Fuming, he ordered the engineering office to let the sewage of Manila coming out of Manila Zoo and Central Bank area be released at the side of the Yacht Club. Hence, the oldest and most prestigious club in Asia then became the worst and dirtiest.
The problems among many, were the people who are allowed to live in the banks of the bay who made it as their toilets. The disposals on Pasig River and Laguna the Bay of garbage by the contractors given to do waste collection and disposal of the many cities like Manila, Pasay, Parañaque, Las Piñas, Caloocan, Malabon, Navotas and Valenzuela find their way to Manila Bay. Bay and River Patrol must be formed to see to it that disposals on the Bay must immediately stopped. Likewise, the planned reclamation projects must be stopped because there are so many land at the back going to the Eastern Seaboard where there are people who resides like Tanay and Infanta.
Why destroy nature at the sunset boulevard? There are many natural ways of saving and beautifying the Bay. We can start using aerators to stir the water like in fish ponds. We can also plant mangrove (bakawan) on available spaces along the river and Bay banks.