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Bitter or Better?

It is not difficult to meet friends who are often bitter, often complaining. Chinese medicines are often bitter. I used to dislike them whenever my mum asked me to consume them when i was a kid. She would persuade me that the bitterness was good for my body, and that nmy sickness would go away after its consumption. Indeed, it is true. After the bitter consumption, even a little sweetness thereafter tastes very sweet, very refreshing!
Someone said, “Adversity can make you better, if you refuse to allow it to make you better”. A successful Singapore billionaire Mr. kwek leng Beng shared that “War or peace, good times or bad, if you look hard enough, there are always opportunities”. That means adversity can bring opportunities, from “bitter” to “better”!.
The secret to over coming the pressure of bitterness is to displace it with positive sweetness from within. Difficulties cannot kill us unless we allow them.
It is amazing to witness some handicapped people who can draw such magnificient paintings holding a brush in their mouths whilst many of us who are ble-bodied cannot even draw a decent artwork using our hands. The answer to such amazing feats is “Put your heart, mind, intellect and soul into your smallest acts”.
We lack the art of true compliments. American author Mark Twain once said,” I can live for two months on a good compliment”. Too often, people complain rather than compliment.
Let us remember that man is of few days and full of troubles. Let us use our few days to turn every human experience from “bitter” to the wondorous state of “better”.
To enjoy living
We must acquire the art of compliment not complaint
“Bitter can be our catalyst To be “better”