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These three words work miracles, “I am sorry.” Many marriages turn sour because both parties refuse to apologise. The three words- “I am sorry”- seem so difficult to say. Most litigation cases could have been settled with the same three words. For some, they must be the most expensive words on earth!

Food for thought:
• Not all friends are angels. There will be friction and misunderstanding. Many good friends part because of very small understandings. Learn to forgive your friend’s little mistakes. If the other party thinks that you are wrong, take the initiative to apologise. A should consider it an honour to overlook an offence!

• If you find it difficult to apologise in person, you can do it by letter, fax, flowers, telex, e-mail or through an intermediary.

• Parents normally find it tough to say “sorry” to their children. You must learn to be humble early in life and set the example for your friends and the generations to come.

• Many good leaders in politics and spiritual organisations enter into heated conflicts because their pride and ego have been hurt or challenged. A forgiving leader will be admired and respected. A good leader must also apologise for his mistakes. It can only do good and not harm.
To enjoy living in tough and complex world, master these three words- “I am sorry.”

Why fight and shout?
Why cry and pout?
Why sigh and suffer?
When you can be happy
By forgiving yourself and others?

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