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The Waste Water of Old Manila

The elderlies of Manila are saying that the Malate & Ermita areas of Manila never had septic tanks in their houses and buildings. All their sawage went to the pipes for disposal and treatment by NAWASA which became MWSS and which subsequently contracted this work to Maynilad Water and Manila Water for proper collection and treatment. In fact, Maynilad which take care of the sewage of those areas is charging exhorbitant fees for waste water disposal.
Now, the new Task force for the Battle for Manila Bay have yet to penalize Maynilad instead of closing establishments along the area. I suggest that if Maynilad is charging these establishments with sewage disposal fees, then the particular establishments should be spared from closure. Instead Maynilad must be the one to be charged and penalized. This is the problem in a monopoly. Maynilad keeps charging sewage fees but never do anything about it. Meanwhile, the establishments are penalized . padlocked. ANYARE?

Meralco is another Culprit

Have you ever been delayed in the payment of your electric bills even for a minute? One thing is sure to happen, they will cut your power connection right away even if you show your money and tell them you are going to the Bayad Center or Meralco itself to pay. How cruel can they be? Now, let’s join hands to turn the table.
Every subscriber of Meralco services pays for a bill deposit aside for the meter deposit. The bill deposit is supposed to answer for payment of your bills in case of delay. Now where are those? Meralco have to account for those amounts. Meralco must pay interest and penalties. Meralco should not use those for operational expenses. Those must be kept as a special fund and which can be used anytime the customers fail or delayed in the payment of their bills.
What do we do if Meralco cannot produce those? We should penalize them with cutting their ingress and egress by way of closing & padlocking their gates until they bring out the bills deposit. It is ours; not theirs.