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When people speak, we can read their character. Someare rough whilst others are gracious. The following three questions easily differentiate the good and the bad talkers:
• Is his voice rough and tough? Do you feel uncomfortable and want to get away from himas soon as possible?
• Is his voice gentle?Do you feel that you quickly develop a liking for him?
• Are his words correctly and beautifully spoken like an angel- so much so that, whatever he is saying, you just drink in every word?

Conmen who speak well are plentiful. They use their talent wrongly.However, there are some excellent leaders who develop their speaking skills and charm the masses as well as individuals, winning their support and trust.

The former Prime Minister of Singapore, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, suffered from a speech impediment as revealed by his daughter. It was a surprise to me to learn of his handicap, unbeknown to many. He is an international statesman. When he speaks, the world listens!

You can train your voice. You can learn how to speak better. It is just fine tuning. It is like a game of golf or any competitive sports. You will need guidance and plenty of practice. And practice makes perfect.

Be considerate in your words, ensuring that your words do not hurt anyone. Respect cultural differences. Always make effort to saynice things. You can avoid unpleasentness by making special effort to speak “friendly words”. You do not need to fight caustic people. Gracious words will always win. There is no need to argue with one another. Truth will always prevail in due time, and fighting “a tooth for a tooth” will only leave us toothless. Most caustic talkers are toothless. They have new friends, if any.

Talk gently and you will live better
With less misunderstanding.
Talk good about people and feel good within;
Touching friends aplenty.