“Help for Today, Hope for Tomorrow”One in every 12 adults, or 17.6 million people, suffer from alcohol use disorder or alcohol dependence.

Founded and sponsored by the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (now Facing Addiction with NCADD), Alcohol Awareness Month was established in 1987 to help reduce the stigma so often associated with alcohol addiction by encouraging communities to reach out to the American public each April with information about alcohol, alcohol addiction, and recovery. Alcohol addiction is a chronic, progressive disease, genetically predisposed and fatal if untreated. However, people can and do recover. In fact, it is estimated that as many as 20 million individuals and family members are living lives in recovery from alcohol use!

Alcohol Awareness Month provides a focused opportunity across America to increase awareness and understanding of alcohol addiction, its causes, effective treatment, and recovery.  It is an opportunity to decrease stigma and misunderstandings in order to dismantle the barriers to treatment and recovery, and thus make seeking help more readily available to those who suffer from this disease.

With this year’s theme — “Help for Today, Hope for Tomorrow” — the month of April will be filled with local, state, and national events aimed at educating people about the treatment and prevention of alcohol addiction, particularly among our youth, and the important role that parents can play in giving kids a better understanding of the impact that alcohol can have on their lives. Local Facing Addiction with NCADD Affiliates as well as schools, colleges, churches, and countless other community organizations will sponsor a host of activities that create awareness and encourage individuals and families to get help for alcohol-related problems.

An integral part of Alcohol Awareness Month is Alcohol-Free Weekend, 2019, which takes place on the first weekend of April, to raise public awareness about the use of alcohol and how it may be affecting individuals, families, businesses and our communities. During Alcohol-Free Weekend, Facing Addiction with NCADD extends an open invitation to all Americans to engage in three alcohol-free days. Those individuals or families who experience difficulty or discomfort in this 72-hour experiment are urged to contact local Facing Addiction with NCADD Affiliates, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Al-Anon to learn more about alcohol use disorder and its early symptoms.

15 Health Benefits Of Drinking Beer That’ll Make You Wanna Raise Your Glass

The science gods have said it! Drinking beer in moderation is actually good for your health. These 15 facts reveal why you should not feel bad when you crack open a cold one after a stressful day.

  1. Beer is good for the heart.
  2. Beer helps in losing weight.
  3. Beer improves cholesterol level.
  4. Beer promotes better bowel movement.
  5. Beer minimizes the risk of cancer.
  6. Beer helps boost mental health.
  7. Beer helps in improving the eyesight.
  8. Beer minimizes the risk of diabetes.
  9. Beer reduces the risk of developing kidney stones.
  10. Beer helps in the development of denser and healthier bones.
  11. Beer increases Vitamin B levels.
  12. Beer helps cure insomnia.
  13. Beer has positive effects on the skin and hair.
  14. Beer delays ageing and promotes longevity.
  15. Beer flushes out toxins from the body.

Mind you, it’s always better to drink in moderation. So, now that you’re well aware of the nutritional benefits of beer, let’s drink to that!