Throwing garbage, particularly plastic wastes into waterways, creeks and canals are the height of mindlessness, but the practice has become so ordinary and common place among people.

They may have no malice in mind when they do so, except to get rid of their wastes, but the practice reflects extreme irresponsibility. The seriousness of the problem created by such mindlessness is best evidenced by the truckloads and tons of garbage retrieved during the on-going clean-up of waterways and creeks.

There is indeed a serious and urgent need for people to be more environment-conscious. The urgency of such need holds true particularly for squatters living along creeks and waterways everywhere whose irresponsible abuse of the environment imposes tremendous costs to government and society.

The problem may be difficult but not impossible to address. There are already laws and rules governing sanitation and environmental care but the issue is their proper implementation. Government authorities, including barangay officials  are called upon to enforce such rules effectively and efficiently but fairly.