“My lips are sealed”. “My fists are clenched”.”My fingers are clipped”.

It seems I have lost appetite to write although there are many things to write about. First, I am no longer sure whether people still wants to read or they are just too happy to hear rhetorics which are not founded on truth, reality and decency. It seems there is no more need to edit as the order of the day is just to read and say whatever one wants. Gone are the days when one has to ponder on what to say or write. Now people just enjoy with gusto what is said even in curse or indecent manner.

Could this be due to the fact that for so long we have tiptoed on righteousness only to realize that nothing comes alright in the end. Hence, we would rather remove decorum in our vocabulary. Topics like politics, business ethics, law and order, traffic, etc. are no longer appealing to the readers or listeners. Write about nonsense on sex, horrors or jokes and these may appeal.

This situation shows two (2)  sides of a coin: one of complacency, ineptness and/or indifference or resignation of people; the other is they are simply looking for an escape from reality.

Vote for ME

As April 22 of each year is Earthday, please vote for Mother Earth – those whose advocacies include environmental protection and nature preservation.


The last week of April of each year has been declared in the Philippines as the Credit Consciousness Week. This is the best time to think on how to have a stable financial situation.

For one, you have to “live simply as others simply live”. “You cannot spend something you do not have”. A friend said he will never be burdened with debt because he is not fond on going to LONDON-“ LON dito; Lon don”.