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Sixty-five percent of our body is made up of water. Without water there would be no human beings. Drinking adequate amounts of water helps to prolong and enhance life. Even the animal and plant kingdoms need water.

A good friend of mine shared the following story with me when we were palying golf in 1978:

“I went to the Little Sisters of the Poor at Upper Thomson Road to visit grand old lady. With mewas the principal of a girls’ mission school. Our objective was to bring joy nad comfort  to the old lady. Instead, we learned a most marvellous lesson.

The grand old lady was over 80 years of age and had been enjoying illness-free life for a very long time. Paradoxically, the school principal,  who was her former student, was suffering from a myriad of affluence-related illness, particularly high blood pressure.

When asked for her secret of good health, the grand old lady said, “I drink a full bottle of water first thing in the morning.With the water still splashing in my tummy, I would go for a brisk walk. On my return, I would drink another bottle of water. In one day, I drink eight bottles of water. It flushes all my body poisons away!”

Our body is like a maze of drains. If you do not flush them, dirt and rubbish will accumulate. In due course, a blockage will result, leading to foul smells and diseases. If you flush your system every day, it will be clean. You will be healthy because the passages are clear and clean.

Chinese legends record that a famous physician was asked by the emperor to prescribe a medicine that could cure 10,000 illness. He prescribed water. He was found to be correct and duly rewarded.

Drink plenty of water without sugar and additives. In less hygienic areas, drink only bottled or filtered water.

Drink lots of water
For health and happiness
To feel good and nice
Guaranteeing longevity.