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EDOTCO to advance the state of connectivity in the Philippines

Edotco   to   advance   the   state   of   connectivity   in   the   Philippines   through   shared   infrastructure

Malaysia-based integrated telecommunications infrastructure services company edotco Group Sdn Bhd (edotco) is set to be one of the first companies to pioneer the construction of ‘common towers’ in the Philippines.

Following the Department of Information and Communications Technology’s (DICT) plan to implement a common tower policy, many independent tower providers like edotco have expressed interests to build and manage shared telecommunication sites throughout the country. Tower sharing has proven to promote effective coordination that provide communities with greater access to reliable and enhanced connectivity.

Suresh Sidhu, Chief Executive Officer of edotco Group cites the increasing mobile use among Filipinos and the entry of 5G as key reasons for investing in shared infrastructure. An increase in the number of phones using 5G translates to smaller radius coverage for the towers because they have to accommodate the higher frequencies needed to provide better-quality internet services.

“With tower sharing, operators can expand coverage for less. It is more cost-efficient as two operators or more are able to utilise one tower. This also benefits the environment as we are able reduce the overall carbon footprint produced when building a tower,” said Sidhu.

At least 50,000 towers are needed to provide adequate service to 108 million Filipinos across the country, according to Presidential Adviser on Economic Affairs and Information Technology Communications Ramon Jacinto. The first phase of the construction of common tower will see edotco, through its partnership with ISOC Infrastructure Inc. building an initial 150 telco towers in the country.

Commenting on the benefits of a tower sharing approach, Sidhu highlighted “Utilising shared infrastructure would also mean that mobile network operators are able to focus on their core business of meeting customer requirements and improving service offerings, as oppose to building and maintaining telecommunication towers.”

edotco has noted the Philippines as a key potential market. As such, the company is set to bring its innovation and expertise into the Philippines. edotco will continue to work alongside mobile network operators and local partners as it responds to growing demand for greater connectivity with shared infrastructure.