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President Duterte’s Solomonic Orders

Philippine President Rodrigo R. Duterte made two very controversial and surprising Orders last week which caught many by surprise. Many cheered and many also jeered.

Firstly is his veto of the ENDO or Security of Tenure bill which is one of his main campaign promises during the elections in 2016. He said then that he will remove the contractualization of laborers by the big firms.

All of sudden, after so many revisions and even downgrading, the law was passed by Congress to make sure his promise is carried but was vetoed by him. What is the reason/s is anybody’s guest.

I wanted to play the devil advocate here. I think he vetoed this anchor bill because of the realization that with contractualization being forbidden jobs may also be taken out since the employers may simply lose business and may just go somewhere else.

All of a sudden, the President was left with a choice of the ocean or the deep blue sea.

A NO WIN situation and therefore, he chose the lesser evil even if it means a possible blow to his rising popularity.

Secondly, his order declaring all lotteries and other games of chanc-es, as illegal and therefore should he stopped immediately. He said he did this because of too much corruption in the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (or PCSO).

PCSO is supposed to remit but the share in income by government has not been done correctly so lately. Apparently, this money is being divided by so many people instead of the government. This PCSO contribution is the main source of funds for the President’s Social Fund. With his Order, many asking for medical support may have to source from somewhere this time.

Again, to be the devil’s advocate, PRRD did so to stop corruption and to stop people of just purely dreaming of when to win the first prize and never want to work anymore? These lotteries made them indolent. Many have lost the desire to work and ends up daydreaming.

The President can always get funds from many sources within the government to help people on their needs. As a people, we should be jolted and starts to work. Instead od endless anticipation.

Tiyaga at Sipag as they say.

Note: The President has lifted ban of lotto but all others like the STL are still not allowed.