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Are Raisins Good For You?

Raisins look very simple and unpalatable with their aged appearance and dry texture but they are one of nature’s healthier alternatives to those sugar-rich manufactured candies and sweet products! Raisins, also known as ‘Kishmish’ in Hindi, ‘Yendu Dhraksha‘ in Telugu, ‘Ular Dhraakshai/Kain-tha Thratchai‘ in Tamil, ‘Kismis/ Unakku Munthiringa‘ in Malayalam, ‘Ona Drakshi/Vonadraak-she‘ in Kannada, ‘Lal Draksh/ Khismis‘ in Gujarati, ‘Bedane/ Manuka‘ in Marathi, ‘Khishmish‘ in Punjabi and ‘Kash/Kishmish‘ in Bengali. Raisins are beneficial not only for gastrointestinal problems but also for constipation.

Here are the health benefits of raisins:

  1. Help In Digestion:Having a few raisins every day is good for your stomach. Raisins contain fibres that start to swell in the presence of water. These give a laxative effect to the stomach and help in relieving constipation. Also, daily intake of raisins keeps the bowel movement regular and the fibers help to keep toxins and waste products out of the system.
  2. Reduce Acidity:Raisins contain potassium and magnesium in good levels. These help reduce acidity and help remove the toxins from the system, preventing diseases like arthritis, gout, kidney stones and heart diseases.
  3. Help Against Anaemia:Raisins have a good amount of iron and B-Complex vitamins in them which help to treat anaemia. The copper pres-ent in raisins also helps in the production of red blood cells.
  4. Help Prevent Cancer:An antioxidant named cateching present in raisins helps in protecting the body against the free radical activity that can cause tumours and colon cancer.
  5. Help Treat Infections:Raisins contain polyphenolic phytonutri-ents, which are well known as antiinflammatory antioxidants. They exhibit antibacterial properties that help lower the risk of fever and kill the bacteria. Thus, having a few rai-sins a day can keep you safe from cold and other such infections.
  6. Help Reduce Sexual Weakness:Consumption of raisins is also good for your sex life. Rai-sins contain an amino acid named Arginine which increases libido and induces arousal. It is good for men and is used to treat erectile dysfunction. Also, the added energy of the raisins helps your conjugal life. Remember the tradition in India where the new bride and groom are given a glass of milk boiled with raisins and saffron? This is an age-old practice that validates the effectiveness of raisins.
  7. For The Eyes:Raisins are found to be rich in polyphenolic phytonutrients which are anti-oxidants that help in keeping your eyesight strong. The antioxidants in raisins help in protecting the eyes by reducing the free radical action that weakens the vision and causes muscular degeneration as well as cataract. Also, as raisins have vitamin A, beta carotene and A-Carotenoid and they are super good for the eyes.
  8. For Your Mouth And Dental Care:Raisins contain oleano-lic acid which is one of the phy-tochemicals which is essential to keep your teeth safe from decay, cavities as well as brittle teeth. Raisins prevent the growth of bacteria in the mouth to keep the teeth in good shape. As they contain calcium in good quantities, they also prevent the teeth from peeling away or breakage. The boron pres-ent in raisins is good for keeping germ build-up in the mouth low.
  9. For Your Weight Management:If you are desperate-ly trying to gain weight, then these raisins are your best friends. Rai-sins are rich in fructose and glucose and give you loads of energy. They will help you gain weight without accumulating bad cholesterol.
  10. For Good Bones:Raisins also contain good amounts of calcium which is good for bone health. They help you from arthritis and gout.

Raisins For The Skin:Raisins are nutritious, give high energy and contain low-fat food. These help in keeping the skin healthy and beautiful.

Raisins For The Hair: Raisins contain plenty of hairfriendly nutrients like vitamin B, iron, potassium, and antioxidants which are required for improving the condition of the hair.