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Health and Illness

Last week, I was strangely thinking about my friend who is about 50 years old. I had not met with him for the past few years. He was the General Manager of a prime golf club in Singapore. So I emailed him.

He rang the following day. As he spoke, I mentioned that his voice was a little soft. He explained that he had a stroke that made it difficult for him to walk and even talk. I was shocked to hear the news.

He was ever so careful about his health in the past; always taking care of what he ate and drank. He would go for regular reflexology sessions to ensure great health. He practised yoga to keep fit. He used to lecture me on what to eat and drink. I remember clearly that he told me that I should not drink mineral water. Instead, I must drink distilled water. I was amazed by his devotion to health. And, now, he is the first one in our group to be incapacitated.

I told him that another friend, who was a fellow golfer, had a severe stroke during his major heart bypass operation in Australia. He was semi-paralysed. Despite this handicap, he forced himself to play golf trolley. He had to walk very slowly and carefully, in case he collapsed. I remember seeing him exerting enormous efforts to move his semi-paralysed body. I salute his strong desire to want to live on and be normal again. He started with just playing a few holes on the golf course several days a week. Later, he progressed on to nine holes. And then 18 holes. He totally recovered within the year, and he is still in the prime of health. He is now in his late sixties. He has persistence and strength of character.

Persistence and the right frame of mind matter a lot to our health.

Please remember:
• Illness can strike at any moment.
• If our body is strong and we
are at peace, we are in a better state to overcome any illness that come our way.
• A doctor told me that during his initial year studying as a doctor, he was so fearful of bacteria and viruses. He took extra care to be as clean as possible and eating only at clean places. Then after the second year, he deliberately ate at hawker centres, at places deemed not clean. He said our body can raise immunity against viruses and bacteria and must be given the chance to fight them. That is why city folk fall sick easily when visiting third world countries due to lack of immunity. Over-protection of the body works contrary to health.
• Exercise is paramount to health. Even then, we frequently hear of sudden deaths of sportsmen. Last week, a doctor told me that “over exercising” is bad for the body. He said statistics showed that few fitness experts live long. Examples include several fitness gurus who died of heart attack. One must not overexert the body. Moderation is the answer.
• It appears that people who are not at peace somehow tend to attract illnesses. Our state of mind determines our health in almost every way. Nearness to God and emotional stability will help us to be at peace. It is an insurance for good health.

Let us always be at ease and at peace
Knowing that this temporal life Will have to end one fine day.

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