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Recently, many people went bust financially. Companies retrenched staff. Some closed for good. A large number of individual declared bankruptcy. There appears to be “hopelessness” for many. But, from such ashes come hope. There are always a few who would continue fighting. These are those who would most likely emerge stronger and richer in due time.

Someone compared the state of such people to a sail boat. He said, “The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails”. We cannot be mere dreamers.

We need to adjust our sails and sail on- to yonder lands! We must be realistic. We must be adaptable and flexible; harnessing the forces of nature to our benefit. The stronger the wind, the faster we move on! The stronger the pressure, the more intense the efforts!

The French hero Marshal Ferdinand Foch said, “There are no hopeless situations; there are only hopeless men and women who have grown hopeless about them”.

Once people lose hope, they are living but dead.

I have been assissting some of my friends who are affected by the current economic dilemma. I must say that most of them have the fighting spirit. They will not give up despite their advanced years. They need encouragement and guidance. Perhaps, this statement will be of value to whoever is in similar state, “Ninety nine percent of failures come from the habit of making excuses.” Admit our failures, make changes however drastic they may be, and move on. We cannot dwell on excuses. We need not blame anyone. We need to put the past behind us, and move on. If not, we will fall behind, and be extinguished in no time.

I cannot substitue a better example of someone who did not allow failures to dominate his dreams. Despite being bankrupted, this man pursued his dreams. Today, we are enjoying the realities of his dreams. We have Disneyland, Disney World and Mickey Mouse and many more. Walt Disney said, “If you can dream it, you can do it.” We can be successful again, despite failures.he is our proof.

Say “Good-bye” to yesterday. Indeed, we need to forget our pasts, however glorious or bad. Start the day afresh and do our best. A taxi driver (who failed in his business and took up taxi driving to provide daily subsistence) shared, “Just do your best. God will take care of the rest”. We need to do our best daily.

So, hope is equated with anticipated success. Success is simply a few easy disciplines practised every day. There is no miraculous way to success. We need to practised discipline step by step, day by day. No shortcuts.

Hopeful and practical people will see the future in the present, taking full advantage of any situation, not being burdened by it. Be thankful. Ask what the good in the bad is! See the good in the bad, and take the opportunity.

Finally, know that the subtle power that propels us to attain the ultimate goal of happy living 8is our emotions. Emotions will either be our slave or our masterdepending on who is in charge.

Emotion is the fuel to our success. The right quantity fires us on; too much, we explode or implode.

The cause of living and happiness, Always of the future,
Requires daily offering of
Reality, humility, tenacity, forgive-
ness and charity