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Visa Policy must be on the basis of Reciprocity

(This is the simplest way in preserving our dignity as a people).

The benefit of no-visa and or the granting of visa upon arrival policy is made based on probably the reason that those nationals of the other countries have good economic conditions meaning they will not seek residence or employment in our country. They are already gainfully-employed or doing good business and will have not much reasons to move somewhere else. Chances are, they came just for tourism and pleasure only.

However when these benefits are granted with no other reason but mere special consideration even if the same are not granted to us by their respective countries, then there is inequality. We have to correct the situation by stipulating a reciprocal arrangement.

What’s Happening to HK?

In two recent trips to HKSAR (HK Sparial Administrative Region) which became a one country -2 systems after the July 1, 1997 Hand–Over by the British Government to China, there are 2 possibilities which I can think of right away.

One is that the youth of HK suddenly realizes the value of freedom which they think they cannot obtain if their leader, Madam Carie Lam, remains in office as she is perceived to be pro–China all the way.

The rallies and riots started when Madam Lam and the HK Legislative body started deliverating on a bill that persons which will be accused criminally will have to be extradited to the Mainland China. This move ignited the youth. This was however withdrawn after the rallies became violent.

Or this could be part of a bigger picture where the youth are fu-elled and funded by countries and people opposed to China like UK, US, Taiwan and even the disgruntled politicians in the mainland. Openly, they cannot surface.

My guest is this last one.