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Royal Cargo North Hub ready for expected demand hike for frozen goods

Strategically located along the Plaridel Bypass Road in Plaridel, Bulacan, the Royal Cargo North Hub comprises a cold storage, a dry warehouse and a container freight station. The hub serves as the pick-up and drop-off area of goods for distribution to custom-ers in Mega Manila and North Luzon.

The Royal Cargo North Hub boasts not only state-of-the-art cold storage rooms but also Blast Freezing (BF) technology, which helps keep the stored goods fresh until they reach the consumers.

Royal Cargo North Hub ready for expected demand hike for frozen goods
Greater disposable incomes and changing lifestyles are in?uencing the consumption habits of many Filipinos, encouraging more to rely increasingly on frozen goods for their daily needs. Demand for frozen food in the country has been on an upward trend since 2014, with retail sales this year forecast by leading statistics portal Statista to reach about US$1.32 billion.

The steady increase in demand for frozen goods is spurring a similar growth in demand for cold storage facilities, according to leading end-to-end logistics solutions provider Royal Cargo, Inc.

“As the Philippine population continues to grow, demand for additional cold storage facilities nationwide increases as well. But instead of just cold storage spac-es, what we need more of now is integrated cold supply chain systems capable of providing uninterrupted logistics chains. These systems ensure clean and proper handling of frozen goods to preserve their high quality. These are very important, especially now that Christmas is just around the corner and demand from supermarkets and groceries is a lot higher in preparation for the holidays,” Royal Cargo Group CEO Michael Raeuber shared.

Royal Cargo is geared up to all the gap between the need for uninterrupted cold supply chain systems and the increase in demand for cold storage facilities. The company’s recently inaugurated cold chain facility in Bula-can is built to provide continuous cold supply chain processes in anticipation of greater demand for frozen goods, especially during the Christmas season.

Inside the hub’s cold storage facility, Royal Cargo employees clear out goods at the interior loading bay. A designated lift in the area takes in the goods immediately to maintain their freshness. Proper handling and maintenance checks are also observed to ensure the high quality of the deliveries.

“To ensure that the frozen goods for this year remain in good quality, our North Hub offers different cold chain services for the different needs of our clients. We have 14 temperature-controlled rooms with two blast-freezing rooms, an 800-square-meter food processing area and 18 loading bays, 16 of which are for regular goods and two separate bays for Halal and Kosher foods,” Royal Cargo President Elmer Sarmiento said.

Built on 6.6 hectares of land with 15,000 total pallet positions, this world-class facility is Royal Cargo’s largest cold chain warehouse to date. The new warehouse mainly serves the food industry but its dry facility can accommodate other products requiring storage and distribution. The freight station can store cargoes and containers. The hub is also supported by more than 300 brand-new units of refrigerated trucks and reefer vans of all sizes to meet the varying distribution requirements of clients.

Recognizing the country’s potential to become a major logistics hub by 2020, Royal Cargo is committed to developing worldclass yet eco-friendly logistics facilities such as the North Hub. The hub has its own wastewater treatment plant. The solar panel system installed earlier this year is rated at 1.2MWp and is expected to generate 1.7 million kW/h of electricity annually and will avoid 1.027 million kilos of carbon dioxide emission per year.

The cold storage facility also has temperature-controlled rooms. These can be programmed depending on the required temperature of the stored products.

Royal Cargo’s North Hub hopes to help companies expand their business reach across the country and even serve new markets in the Asia-Paci?c without the large capital cost.