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Some people just never give up. They will persevere under dif?cult circumstances. They will ?ght on until their last breath. Those who succeed are honoured with achievement-sand recognition. Some help others money. Monetary abundance does not equate happiness. The truth is that contentment is a state of mind. We can be content with or without money.

My thoughts:

•Save a percentage of your gross income for your children whenever possible. Start early. Even before having children. A friend of mine saves 10 percent of his dai-ly gross business turnover.
•Always save a percentage of your income to help the needy. Do not just donate in cash. Go to the orphanages or children homes (especially those in third world countries). Share your blessings with the underpriviledge. It is your duty. You will touch the softest part of God’s heart.
•Always read a positive book before you sleep. The bible is such a book. Other religions have great and inspiring books. Gain insight.
•Be the generator of positive thoughts. Touch someone every new day. Let your life be fresh and sweet. Let people around you feel secure and safe. They will be inspired to broadcast similar kindness and goodness.

Be sweet and beautiful In thoughts and actions, Generating kindness.

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