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24/7 and Last Minute

The Philippines has embarked on a massive BuildBuild-Build Infrastructure Program to alleviate traffic,to increase connectivity of towns and cities and to provide mass-based transport system among others. Bravo!

But wait, are we on time in ?nishing those projects?

The Hongkong-Macau Bridge which is about 55km. on top of the oceans was much ahead of time as it was build weeks ahead of schedule without ?nding any structural defects. SLEX to NLEX Skyway is supposed to be completed by end of this year but I believe it may take at least two(2) more years to ?nish it. The DPWH has been boasting that they have been working 24/7 but that was not the case. I purposely went there several times to ?nd out whether there are workers working 24/7. But there are none in the evening and in the morning. They are only there according to bystanders every afternoon only. Where is the 24/7?

What I see in our infrastructure projects is that once contractors are given mobilization funds, they disappear to enjoy the fund. When it is almost spent, they rush and tend to do whatever they can in the last minute just so they could get progress payments by merely doing the surface. They take care of the inspectors and auditors. Sad to say, but this is the reality in most of our infra projects.

BEWARE, the motorcycle guys are the new Kings of the Road. Under the law, even if they are the ones who hit you, it is your fault unless you can prove otherwise. That is why there is necessity of dash cam.
Have a safe and accident free holidays!