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Qatar National Day 2019 logo unveiled

The logo of Qatar National Day 2019, which carries the slogan ‘Al Maali Kaydah’ that means the path of excellence is dif?cult, was unveiled Saturday.

The slogan is inspired by a poem by Qatar’s founder Sheikh Jassim describing his son Sheikh Ali bin Jassim (Joaan) and gives a clear picture of a whole generation of Qatari youth in the founding period.

The slogan re?ects the belief of successive generations of Qatari youth that the path towards excellence is arduous.
The National Day commemorates the founding of the State of Qatar by Sheikh Jassim bin Mohamed bin Thani on December 18, 1878. Under Sheikh Jassim Qatar became a single, coherent organic entity and an independent, uni?ed country.

Lamenting his martyred son Sheikh Joaan, the Founder Sheikh Jassim says the youth of the day were raised to look for and attain excellence even though the price of this entailed sacri?cing their most precious things.

Describing his virtues, Sheikh Jassim says though he was still young, he was a diligent scholar of high ethical values. He was a courageous and daring knight pursuing the dif?cult path of excellence.

He was raised on such values at the Qatari milieu, and it constituted the best school for the young people of the country at the founding phase.
Sheikh Joaan and his generation of young people have been a model for young Qataris to this day, in particular their mastering of ethics and knowledge and their readiness to sacri?ce for the sake of their dear homeland, overcoming all the involved challenges and hardships to attain excellence for their country even though the path of excellence is dif?cult.

Qatar and its people have been blessed with natural resources throughout its history, which provided them with prosperity and honourable living standards.

It was blessed with the best types of natural pearls under its territorial waters, with rich pastures and lawns, in addition to the abundance of gas and oil resources.

For such blessings of Allah, its people ever remained humble and thankful.

However, Qataris have always been ready to face the various challenges of life, such as the different natural disasters at various times, and the economic challenges, for instance the decline of the natural pearl trade, besides the security and military challenges as that of Mesaimeer in 1851 until the blockade of Qatar in 2017.

Throughout the successive generations, these challenges had one common factor, which is the full readiness of Qataris, especially young people, to face the challenges with two main weapons, ethics and knowledge above anything else.

As an example and a historic testimony to these challenges, on 17th of Ramadan 1888, at Sheikh Ali Bin Jassim Mosque (Joaan) in the Eastern Palace, (the current National Museum of Qatar), while praying, where many Qataris were present for a big pearl diving season, came the news of a surprise attack on Doha and its suburbs.

Sheikh Joaan ?nished the Fajr (dawn) prayers with a few knights, and proceeded to face the invaders who had withdrawn to the Rawdat Al Khail.
There, the Qataris engaged the invading forces although the number of the invaders far exceeded those of the Qataris.

Sheikh Joaan was martyred that morning after he had sworn that he would not stop pursuing them on his horse. A number of the best young people of the country were also martyred, marking the most magni?cent example of courage and self-sacri?ce for the country. This was a great event for
all Qataris and constituted a key milestone in the way of establishing their beloved country.

Ambassador Al-Malki Leads Qatar Visa Center Inauguration


Last, September 25, 2019, thePhilippines becomes one of the first sites for a Qatar Visa Center, an important gateway for Fili-pino workers and tourists traveling to the Arab State of Qatar.

Officials from the Qatar government, aside from those at its embassy in the Philippines, flew in for the inauguration of the center that can accommodate 350 visa applicants daily. It opens from 8:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday.

With the establishment of the visa center, it is expected as Qatari officials pointed out, that it will be an easier time with less expense for Filipi-nos wishing to travel to Qatar.