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A few hours ago, I had an interesting conversation with a taxi driver. We were talking about the difficult times in Singapore. He has to start work at 5.30 am in the morning and drive right through to the evening in order to generate just half of what he used to earn the same time last year. He is a jovial person.
He said something amazing, “When you do your best, God will take care of the rest.” I like his words. I told him that I would remember them and put them into writing so that others could benefit from his wisdom. This man graduated from the University of Hard Knocks.

My thoughts:

• When we do our best,
we know that most matters can be achieved, given time and the right support.
• A day has only 24 hours. No one on earth can have more. Every one of us can maximize the use of each hour. Some take long time to do a task. Others, a shorter time. All of us have different levels of intelligence and physical stamina. The secret is in spending quality time to improve ourselves.
• In these very difficult times, I am enjoying the fruits of my past business. I have more opportunities to speak to different audiences. I can travel and do my consultancy business. Over the past years, clients observed my works and enjoyed the results. Actions speak louder than words. My services are now in greater demand. I am making more money! This is happening while the economy is not good. Why? The reason is simple. Be humble and do your best in good or bad times. Many people in good times are arrogant. Now when times are tough, they are suffering.
• Remember that every new day is a bonus. No man can guarantee that they can live an extra day. There are too many imponderables in this world. We are right to thank God daily. With His help, wonders and miracles will happen. God never fails.
• The secret, therefore, is to enjoy every day. Live to the full-est, generating joy and kindness. There is no need to be angry. In case we do get angry, quickly remember that it is divine to them. Just be ready to say good words and encouragement to many. Touch hearts with kindness and goodness.

“Do your best;
God will take care of the rest.”