Home Ed. 2020 January The YEAR of LIVING DANGEROUSLY


I remember almost 4 decades ago, a movie was made with the abovementioned title. This was due to the troubles brought about by po-litical conflicts at that time.

Past forward, we are even in a worst situation now. Aside from political conflicts, disasters just kept coming out one after the other or even almost at the same time. Why? The latest lingo in the insurance industry now is “Act of God” – coverage. I would say it is “Act of Man”.

The series of earthquakes in Mindanao can be attributed to non–stop mining. Then the impact of Typhoon Tisoy which hit Boracay before Christmas is probably due to continues illegal logging in the typhoon paths.

Then forest fires in Australia is man–made and not accidentally.

The eruption of Taal Volcano was long overdue. Many people have subdivided the Taal lake into plots of fish pens.

The crater itself has become a favorite bonfire staging area for tourist, and for corporate planning sessions. Then the Nobel Corona Virus which emanated from Wu-han, China which many kill millions of people during this year if not abated as soon as possible.

This came from the never-ending desires of Chinese specially during the Lunar New Year to eat exotic food. This is a repeat of SARS or the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome almost 20 years ago. I told my friends then in Hongkong that we also have SARS here or Severe Accute Revenue Syndrome.

Well, seems we only have only ourselves to blame really that is why we all live dangerously thereafter and now.


Motorcycles have become the new king of the roads here in the Philippines. Vietnam and Indo-nesia in Asean were teeming with these but they have all put up motorcycle lanes. Same with China. Here, yes maybe, but no one follows the designated lane. The motorcycles have been cris–crossing all over the roads unmindful of their own safety and that of many others. There must be rule for this and please, repeal the law if there is stating that when you are the one hit by a motorcycle riding man, it is still your fault unless you can prove otherwise.


That is why, there is a brisk sale of Dash Cameras. OMG.