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Initially the private businessmen, economic managers, professors, government executives and heads of States of the 10-member Asean Countries.

Likewise prospective advertisers in Hong Kong and china who are just too eager to penetrate the ASEAN market.


- Age Bracket 25-85 years old
- Education College Graduates/ Holds an MBA, PhD/ Spcl. Mgmt. Training
- Salary Range US $500-$1,000,000/mo. & above
- Status basically married with 1-4 children (children are usually enrolled in an exclusive schools).
- Corporate Status owned a company/ies and/or are top level officers (basically decision makers)
- House/s wholly owned/ some may have 2 at least/ and Condo Units in good Locations & some may have vacation units outside the cities
- Motor Vehicles owned an average of 2-3 units

Lifestyles Socially Class “A” & “B”

- Sports plays golf, tennis, basketball & badminton
- Workouts goes to Gym 3 times a week (average)
- Dines class A Restaurants & Hotels
- Travel frequent travelers (Leisure & Business) at least 3-5 times a year
- Spending Style shops at least 3-4 times a month
- Gadgets owns at least 2 cellphones, PDAs, Laptop, Ipods, etc.
- Reads business papers & books


- May have Substantial Savings in Several Banks (local & foreign Accounts).
- Owns at least 2 Credit Cards with several investments


- Substantially insured including Family members
- Holders of health cards with Family members included

INITIAL CIRCULATION - Approximately 15, 000 copies fortnightly


3,000 - Philippines on the usual outlets of local Biztimes
2,000 - Singapore
2,000 - Malaysia
2,000 Thailand
2,000 - Indonesia
1,000 - Vietnam
500 - Cambodia
300 - Laos
200 - Myanmar
1,000 - Brunei
2,000 - HK & China

Note : Distribution to the Asean Member Countries is thru their Embassies in the Philippines, sponsoring airlines, and private distribution in these countries.