As we observe Credit Consciousness Week this April, we ask ourselves “are we good borrowers?”. Then correlate it to the observance of Earth Day every April 22, can we say really we are good recipients of credit?

There is just one earth we have and that’s where we live. If we do not take good care of it, then where else can we go and stay. This year’s theme for Earth Day-“End Plastic Pollution”.

Truly, we need to put a stop in clogging our waste and water-ways with plastics. These are non-biodegradable and certainly render us breathless. Soon if we do not take these out from our system from our day to day living. It is like closing our nose and mouth literally.

Aside from that, we must continue to reforest, clean our rivers and canals, start living naturally again sanz too much use of air-conditioning and refrigeration which deplete our ozone layer. Simpleness is key to sustainability of our efforts to save our environment from further deterioration and decay.

Let’s observe Earth Day, Everyday!


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